Celebrities Wardrobes I Want to Steal

Celebrities are my favorite to look at for new trends and styles whether it’s from their Instagram or other forms of social media! I love finding inspiration from my favorite celebrities so I thought I would share some of my favorites that I get inspiration from or simply admire 🙂

Vanessa Hudgens 

I’ve loved Vanessa Hudgens since the days of High School Musical. I love her boho style but I also love when she incorporates more chic pieces to her looks! Everything looks amazing on her whether it’s on the red carpet or when she’s just putting up a selfie on Instagram. Even when she’s wearing sweats with her hair up she looks amazing!! My favorite thing she does is include one bolder piece to her outfits whether it’s statement rings or funky shoes and sunglasses. I basically want her whole wardrobe.


Perrie Edwards

I’ve always loved Perrie Edwards style from the start of Little Mix! She doesn’t wear too crazy of outfits so they are easy to replicate if you would like! I find that she likes her denim and she definitely pulls it off! Her red carpet outfits are normally a bit more extravagant and daring but I find that she really makes them work. Again, I love her more casual outfits because I can easily make it my own!


Selena Gomez

I just want to start by saying everything she wears I want to own. She has such a cool style. Some days she’s more girly and others she dressed more casually but she always looks good. I find the majority of her outfits include neutrals and then a bright bold color like red or orange. What interests me about her is that she tends to wear black a lot and I do too. She helps me figure out how to put all black outfits together and still make it look good.



I recently fell in love with Zendayas outfit choices! To me she is the definition of someone who just wants to be comfortable all the time. She definitely rocks hoodies and sweatpants a lot but she always pulls it off and makes it look really fashionable. Even when she is styled for an event she looks amazing! I like that her style is so versatile.


Olivia Culpo 

Olivia’s style is one that again is very different than mine but I honestly admire her fashion decisions so much. She is like a Barbie doll and everything looks amazing on her. I like that she wears pieces that are a little more daring and looks great. Her outfits are normally simple but fashionable. I also want her clothes so I can dress like a real fashion blogger!



I personally don’t really want to dress exactly like Rihanna but I really appreciate her style. She does what she wants and rocks it all the time. I really like her style because she always wears lots of colors and a lot of two piece sets that she really looks great in. I like her sporty style because she always looks comfortable  but fashionable and that is what I really like on anyone. I love her shoe game as well. She always wears shoes that definitely aren’t plain, her shoes make a simple outfit way better and makes the entire look. Who else likes Rihanna’s style?


So these are just some of my favorite celebrity styles! I hope you guys enjoyed, what celebrities style do you like the most?



12 thoughts on “Celebrities Wardrobes I Want to Steal

  1. I NEED Vanessa Hudgen’s mustard jumper oh my! I agree her style is so nice- I also love everything Lily Collins and Emily Ratajkowski wear, I just wish I had the same money as them to buy it all haha x great post

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  2. Really like the idea of ‘stealing’ the celebs look 👍a great way to get inspired by looking through their lookbook… I think I would probably go with Taylor Swift, Zoey Deschanel, Audrey Hepburn and Blair from gossip girl!

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  3. Some great examples, I admit to following certain celebrities on Instagram just to steal inspiration from their wardrobes too!! Glad to see I’m not alone 😉

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