I’ve always loved to read, especially if it’s about topics I am interested in. Books that have anything to do with the fashion industry are always interesting to read and I love collecting them.

Over the past few years I’ve collected a few books that I really like! Some of the books I am currently reading and some I haven’t read yet. The ones I’ll be sharing with you today are the ones I currently have with me at school 🙂 So without further ado here are the books in my collection!

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine 

I’m currently reading this book and so far it’s really good! Her blog is all about fashion items that men don’t necessarily like, hence the name Man Repeller. She is hilarious and actually a huge inspiration to me! I highly suggest this book for anyone who wants to read about a really successful blogger!


– “These essays establish Medine as not just a fashion wunderkind, but a clever and engaging storyteller who’s not afraid to laugh at herself.” — Publisher’s Weekly 

-“Not only do I agree with how Leandra dresses, but I also agree with everything she says in these brilliant stories. She’s a terrific writer.” –Joan Rivers

Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell

I just got this book in the mail so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but  I think it’ll be a really fun book to read! It’s not your typical book about fashion which is what drew me to this one. Books that are so truthful like this and self deprecating seem to always be my favorite! 

“Self-deprecating and funny.” ( New York Times) 

-“Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in publishing, public relations or design, or you’re just fascinated with what really goes on behind-the-scenes without the usual sugarcoating, we’d say this is required reading.” ( Fashionista.com) 

Normal Gets You Nowhere by  Kelly Cutrone

This is the second book Kelly Cutrone wrote and I’m really excited to read this one. I read her first book “If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you” which is one of my favorite books to date! I’ve looked up to her for so many years now! She is a wise and an amazing woman and I really suggest reading her books. 

-“Kelly fans will love it.” (OK! magazine ) 

-“Normal Gets You Nowhere is bursting with her trademark punk-rock spiritual fierce philosophy and indispensable advice for anyone starting out in the world, new grads, dreamers and those who might just need a dose of Kelly to push them forward.” (ashadedviewonfashion.com )

The Teen Vogue Handbook 

This is the second teen vogue handbook I’ve owned. This one in particular is the more updated one and I love it. It really gives an inside view on what goes on during the day of someone who works for teen vogue whether they are a photographer or intern. I highly suggest this for anyone who wants to work for a magazine!


-“A how-to for teenagers who are genuinely interested in fashion and want to know how the business works.”— The New York Times 

-“An indispensible resource for anybody who aspires to work as a fashion editor, designer, stylist, photographer, or anywhere, really, in the fashion industry.” –Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue 

It- Alexa Chung

I love this book because of how personal it is and the photos! I love Alexa Chung and this book made me love her even more! I definitely want to read this again! Has anyone else read this?


-“[A] book on personal style and inspirations…[from] British fashion icony Alexa Chung.”— The Wall Street Journal 

-“[Alexa Chung] traces her journey to her place behind the velvet ropes in the new book It.”—Associated Press 
-“[Alexa Chung] reveals how she puts together her effortless, cool look.”— InStyle 

So that’s it for my favorite fashion books in my collection currently. Again, I have many more but unfortunately I don’t have them here with me at school. Maybe I could do a part 2 to this post? Let me know what you think! 

Thank you so much for reading! 



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