The month of march is almost over and one thing I’ve been extra obsessed with this month has been music! There has been a bunch of new songs released that I love as well as older songs I’ve reconnected with! 

Music is so important to me. I can connect with music in every situation I’m ever in and to me, that’s incredible! I personally think I have an okay music taste because I don’t like just one genre. I think it’s safe to say I like music from pretty much every genre! Let me know what your favorite genre of music is 🙂 

Zayn- Still Got Time

This song literally just came out a few days ago but I absolutely love it! Zayn has an amazing voice and he makes equally amazing song. I’m happy that this song featured PARTYNEXTDOOR because it adds something a little special to it. Have you guys heard this song? What do you think of it! I think it’s a great song for the spring/summer time. 

Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like 

Every time this song comes on I have to dance and sing along. It’s such a catchy tune and Bruno Mars always creates songs like this. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ever get tired of this song! I really like when it performs it live on award shows because him and his backup singers/dancers literally put on the best performance! 

DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé & Jay Z- Shining 

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of DJ Khaled. I saw when he opened up for Beyoncé and honestly I was not impressed, he played a few songs and got off the stage. I was happy when I heard this song because it’s so catchy and fun! Beyoncé sounds amazing but my favorite part might be Jay Z’s! Please listen to this if you haven’t yet. 

Danity Kane- Ecstacy 

Who else was a fan of Danity Kane? I’m not sure how popular they were outside of the United States but I definitely was a fan back in the day. This song was my favorite and I’ve fallen back in love with it ever since it played on shuffle on my phone for the first time in forever!  They weren’t the best girl group in the world but they definitely made some good songs that I still love today! 

Maren Morris- Once

I heard her sing this when she performed at the Grammys and let me tell you, she can sing! I really like this song because you can hear so much emotion in her voice. I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics and that’s what makes it so great. Please listen to this song too! I think a lot of you will really love it. 

Christina Aguilera- Whoohoo

This. Song. Is. So. Fun. I’ve loved this song for a few years now and it always makes me want to dance! I listen to this while I walk to class and I have to fight the urge to dance. Christina Aguilera always has fun songs and this is definitely one of them. Check this song out!

Khalid- Therapy 

Khalid’s voice is magical and beautiful. His lyrics are deep and meaningful and I love him! I just recently discovered him and I fell in love. His music is great for just chilling out and I think that a lot more people should listen to him! 

So that’s it for my favorite songs this month! I might try to do this sort of post monthly to tell you guys what kind of music I’m into! Let me know if you like that idea 🙂 
What’s one of your favorite songs this month?


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