Life Update!

Hey friends! I’ve been so busy lately with school that I feel like my blog has been suffering because of it 😦  I haven’t been super active on social media and haven’t had much inspiration or motivation for blog posts. 

Luckily my school semester will be over on the 28th and I’ll have the whole month of May and a bit of June to focus on my blog! I’m planning a lot of new posts from more beauty reviews, advice posts and fashion posts. My goal is to actually have photos of myself in more of my blog posts! I feel like unless you follow me on snapchat you guys really don’t know what I look like or who I really am! 

Towards the end of June I will start work everyday, I work Monday through Friday until the end of august. That part stresses me out a bit because I don’t know how up to blogging I will be! Hopefully in the month of May and most of June I’ll be able to plan out plenty of posts that’ll hopefully last me awhile. Fingers crossed! 

In the next few weeks I’ll be attending a wedding and I plan on having a few pictures taken of me (by my lovely sister) to hopefully include in a post. I got my dress yesterday and I really love it! It’s different for me because it has a pattern on it and I normally go for a plain black dress for events like these! I posted a picture of it on my twitter if you want to check it out 🙂 

My goal is to try to find some inspiration and really focus on my blog! I want it to be a successful as possible and all though the numbers and such are doing well, I feel like my blog could be a million times better. I try not to compare my blog to others but it’s so hard sometimes! I’m finally happy with my layout but I really need to work on my content. 

Let me know what kind of blog post you guys like because it’s hard for me to tell sometimes! I think the ones that do best are wishlists and product reviews or posts like my favorite, Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Be Trends. 

I’ve never been a super creative person! Finding inspiration for blog posts is soooo hard for me! I tend to make it up as I go but I feel like that’s not very professional. I have random bursts of ideas that I save in my drafts but never complete the posts! 

I’m working on time management and what not. It’s something that I feel like everyone is trying to figure out so I don’t feel that bad about being a disorganized mess! 
Anyways that’s just a little tiny update in my life! How have you guys been? Let me know I would love to hear about your amazing lives 🙂



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