Coachella Lookbook

To me Coachella is a magical place that I’ve always dreamed of going to! Unfortunately it’s happens across the country from me! I honestly can’t see myself justifying going unless someone sent me for free!

Coachella looks really set the tone for styles that will be popular in the summer. We are introduced to newer styles that we love and we also see some outrageous looks like we hate to admit that we wish we could pull off. Personally it’s a lot of fun to see what my favorite celebrities wear and see how I can incorporate it to my own style!

I put together a few looks that I think would be fun to wear to Coachella (or any festivals or concerts!).  These are outfits that I would wear or wish I could pull off! I tried to put together outfits that are different than the normal festival outfits.  Let me know if you would wear any of these outfits!! Enjoy 🙂

Let’s Dance Top                      Metallic Zipper Skirt

Acid Wash Shorts                     Fishnet Top

    Star Sheer Top                           Yellow Shorts

Fringe Top                                                        Denim Shorts

Tie dyed pants                       Light Pink Bodysuit

Rainbow Halter Top                      Denim Skirt

Pink Denim Skirts                Feminist Ripped Shirt

 Off The Shoulder Top              Mom Jeans

Stripped Shorts                              Girls Bodysuit

Studded Mini Skirt                        Bodysuit

Meshed Bodysuit                   Embroidered Jeans

Lace Up Skirt                             Femme T-shirt

I hope you guys enjoyed my look book! I gave you guys a little taste of my style and what I think would be fun to wear at Coachella! K



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