Fashion is an important part of my life. I love admiring over great looks I’ve seen on my favorite bloggers,celebrities and just in general! It’s fun to see new trends come out of no where and seeing everyone pull off the look! Let me know what your favorite fashion trends are and if you like any of the ones I’ve listed 🙂 

Plain White Tee and Denim- I love the simplicity of a white tee and denim! It’s fun to mix up the looks so that it can look more casual or a little more dressy! Here are some examples of the styles I love. 

Mom Jeans- I LOVE mom Jeans. They are so simple but can really transform an outfit! I love when I see them paired with sneakers and even heels! Mom Jeans are an essential item in a wardrobe in my opinion if they are your style 🙂

Oversized Sweatshirts– This is one trend that I fall victim of. I love wearing an oversized sweatshirt when I don’t feel like getting dressed up or if I’m not feeling to great (that time of the month). Oversized sweatshirts have been very popular lately especially with the way people have styled them. I personally like when I wear it as a more simple look but I’ve seen times where people have dressed them up and look great!

Layering- I wish I could pull off the overly excessive layered look that a lot of my favorite bloggers and celebrities easily pull off. I love this look because even though most of the time a lot of thought is put into it, it looks effortless and I love it. 

Denim Jackets– I love denim jackets and always have! They are a versatile piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe! It gives a bit of an edge to an outfit and completes any outfit:) 

Athletic Wear- The trend of wearing athletic wear as everyday wear is mt favorite because it gives me the excuse to wear this trend…. every day… (I’m a college student what can I say?). It’s easy and fashionable and you can make this trend your own. You’ll look like you are  on your way to a workout but you really are going out for pizza. 

So now you guys have a sense of styles and trends I like and look at for inspiration for my own style! Let me know what your favorite trends are!



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