Fall Fashion Wishlist 2017

I’m back with one of my absolute FAVORITE posts to write… a wishlist! These wishlist are full of many different fashion items I wish I had and hopefully one day soon will get! I’m currently revamping my style and buying clothing items that are a little more mature and put me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!). 

Buckle up kids and get ready for a huge Fall Fasion Wishlist! 
          Pretty Little Thing Check Contrast Skirt

             Asos KENDRA Over the Knee Boot

       Fashion Union Dress in Metallic Jaquard

Asos Jumpsuit With Wrap Front and Tie Back

              Floral Ring Handel Cross Body 

                      Tailored Pencil Skirt

                    Asos Leather Trouser

              Satin Wide Leg Sporty Trousers

                             Roll Neck Jumper

             Shimmery Dress with Thin Straps

                      Oversized Roll Neck Sweater

                          Oversized Cardigan

                        Contrast Striped Pants

                           Floral Mesh Bodysuit

That’s all on my wishlist right now! I will probably have a part two up very soon. If you’re interested in an item just click on the description of the item! 
Thanks for reading 



6 Fashion Trends I Love

Fashion is an important part of my life. I love admiring over great looks I’ve seen on my favorite bloggers,celebrities and just in general! It’s fun to see new trends come out of no where and seeing everyone pull off the look! Let me know what your favorite fashion trends are and if you like any of the ones I’ve listed 🙂 

Plain White Tee and Denim- I love the simplicity of a white tee and denim! It’s fun to mix up the looks so that it can look more casual or a little more dressy! Here are some examples of the styles I love. 

Mom Jeans- I LOVE mom Jeans. They are so simple but can really transform an outfit! I love when I see them paired with sneakers and even heels! Mom Jeans are an essential item in a wardrobe in my opinion if they are your style 🙂

Oversized Sweatshirts– This is one trend that I fall victim of. I love wearing an oversized sweatshirt when I don’t feel like getting dressed up or if I’m not feeling to great (that time of the month). Oversized sweatshirts have been very popular lately especially with the way people have styled them. I personally like when I wear it as a more simple look but I’ve seen times where people have dressed them up and look great!

Layering- I wish I could pull off the overly excessive layered look that a lot of my favorite bloggers and celebrities easily pull off. I love this look because even though most of the time a lot of thought is put into it, it looks effortless and I love it. 

Denim Jackets– I love denim jackets and always have! They are a versatile piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe! It gives a bit of an edge to an outfit and completes any outfit:) 

Athletic Wear- The trend of wearing athletic wear as everyday wear is mt favorite because it gives me the excuse to wear this trend…. every day… (I’m a college student what can I say?). It’s easy and fashionable and you can make this trend your own. You’ll look like you are  on your way to a workout but you really are going out for pizza. 

So now you guys have a sense of styles and trends I like and look at for inspiration for my own style! Let me know what your favorite trends are!


5 Easy Ways to Build Your Wardrobe 

Building your wardrobe can be difficult. For me, I tend to buy a lot of things I can’t wear year round or that I’m not really sure I like. The past few months I think I’ve gotten better at building my wardrobe by buying specific things I know I like and know it can be versatile. Here are 5 types on how to build your wardrobe!

Focus on basics                                          

Clothing items such as a simple black or white t-shirt, a few sweaters and cardigans and a good pair of jeans and leggings can help create amazing outfits all year round. Basics are great and most of the time reasonably priced. I think basic items are essential in a wardrobe! A little can go a long way with basic clothing items and really can help build a great wardrobe. 

Invest in staple pieces 

Staple pieces in my opinion include a nice leather jacket, a denim jacket and even nice jeans. It doesn’t matter what you pay for these items but don’t feel bad if you spend a little more on something that you know you’ll use a lot!  Adding a leather jacket with your white t-shirt and your favorite jeans can make your look 100 times more like you tried to look fashionable but you haven’t done much. Whatever you decide to get, I can guarantee that you will keep these items in your wardrobe for many many years. 

Don’t forget to accessorize 

Accessories can completely change your outfit! A nice statement necklace or bracelet and even ring can change your outfit from casual to more dressed up and glamorous. Adding a handbag to your outfit has the ability to complete your look. These accessories don’t need to be expensive at all! In my opinion the cheaper the better, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a necklace just because your fashion icon did. Accessories are great for building a wardrobe because you can keep the same accessories for years and they won’t go out of style! 

Clear out your wardrobe!

To be able to build your wardrobe I feel like the first step is to get rid of things you do not wear. Sell or give away the items you haven’t touched in a long time (8 months to a year or more!). Someone else could really use those items in your wardrobe that you haven’t shown interest in! If you own an item that still has a price tag on it that you either forgot you had or you’ve had for more than a year get rid of it because you probably won’t wear it anyways! If you rediscover something in your wardrobe while cleaning it out try it on again and see if you’ll be able to incorporate it into an outfit. If you sell your clothes you can use the money you get from it and use it to buy new things for your wardrobe 🙂 

Try things on before you buy them! 

Obviously buying a lot of clothes will build your wardrobe but it won’t do you any good if you end up not liking what you have. For years my biggest issue was not trying things on in stores before I buy them. I would come home and things would be too small or too big or it just wouldn’t work on me. I know I’m not the only one that has done this! Try things on and see if you can picture yourself wearing the item, if you can’t, don’t buy it! 

Those are my 5 Tips to building a wardrobe! I’ve used these methods and I think it’s really helping and I’m finally able to look at my wardrobe and be happy with what I have! I hope these tips work for you and help you out 🙂 


Best Looks at The Oscars 

The Oscars are finally here! This is probably one of the best opportunities for celebrities to show off the fanciest dresses they can find. Personally it’s one of my favorite red carpets to watch! Here are my favorite looks from the night as well as the name of the designer! Let me know who’s look was your favorite!

Felicity Jones- Dior 

Giuliana Rancic- Georges Chakra 

Hailee Steinfield- Ralph and Russo 

Emma Roberts- Vintage Armani 

Chrissy Teigen- Zuhair Murad 


Darby Stanchfield- Georges Chakra 

Nicole Kidman-Armani 

Taraji P. Henson- Alberta Ferretti 

Viola Davis- Armani 

Emma Stone- Givenchy Haute Couture

Janelle Monáe- Elie Saab Couture 

This year there are a lot of creams and white colored dresses but there are also a fair share of unique dresses that really stand out. My favorite tonight has to be Hailee Steinfield! She looks like a beautiful princess and she definitely chose the perfect dress. What was your favorite? 

Image sources:

-Getty Images 

Hot or Not: Embroidery 

Embroidery is one of the bigger trends at the moment! I’m not going to lie, at first I was confused as to why people liked the trend so much! After viewing a few more pieces I realized I actually LOVE this trend! I just bought my first embroidered item and I can’t wait for it to arrive! 

I think this trend is so popular because it adds a little something special to pieces of clothing that are super simple or basic! 

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite embroidered items that I’ve seen everywhere! 

           Topshop Mom Embroidered Jeans


        Ace embroidered low-top sneakers

        Rose Embroidered Velvet Bodycon Dress

            Floral Embroidered Jacket

            Floral Embroidered Moto Jacket

               Satin Embroidered Bomber

             Mom Rose Embroidered Jeans

       Embroidered Leather Top-Handle Bag

                   Zara Embroidered Dress

                  Obey embroidered Bomber

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun finding stuff I think you all would like too! All the links are with the pictures 🙂 
-Ryley ❤

Who Stole The Grammys Red Carpet 

I just finished watching the Red Carpet for The Grammys and I just have to say I saw soooo many great dresses and different looks! I found myself wishing I owned some of these dresses and gowns so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all! 

Maren Morris- Michael Costello 

Her dress was definitely one of my favorites tonight! I love the plum color and sheer lace design of this dress and I think she pulled it off so well! We can’t forget about her performance outfit! It was STUNNING! She performed with Alica Keys and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen so please go watch it!

Carrie Underwood- Ellie Madi

In my opinion Carrie Underwood kills ever red carpet she does. This dress shows off her amazing legs! I love the flared sleeves and chest cutout. Again, this dress has beautiful lace detailing which seemed to be a trend this year but I loved it! 

Jennifer Lopez- Ralph & Russo 

This dress didn’t impress me at first but let’s admit it, Jennifer Lopez could pull off a trash bag. I love the lavander color of this dress and I think it looks great with her jewelry and clutch bag. 

Rihanna- Armani Privé 

Rihanna looked INCREDIBLE in this two piece. It’s different than the normal red carpet dress but I really loved it. Rihanna always pushed boundaries and always kills it. 

Paris Jackson- Balmon 

I was surprised seeing her on the red carpet but I’m so glad she was! I love her rainbow hued gown by Balmon. I think this gown is youthful and beautiful on her.

Heidi Klum- Philipp Plein

Heidi Klum is a fashion icon in my opinion and this dress proves it. Yes, compared to the majority of the stars on the red carpet this dress is plain but it looks great on her! This mini dress is simple but makes a statement. She had an effortless look this night and I think it’s amazing. 

Demi Lovato- Julien McDonald 

Demi Lovato owned the red carpet today and this has to be the best gown I’ve seen tonight. It hugs her curves perfectly and she couldn’t of chosen a better gown! 10 out of 10 for me. 

Adele- Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci

In my opinion Adele always looks beautiful and effortless. She doesn’t always wear the crazy or scandalous dresses but that’s okay! She looked great tonight and her dresses was one of my favorite! 

Lady Gaga- Alex Ulichny

I love that Lady Gaga wore this patent leather set because it shows off even more of her amaizing body than she showed off at the Super Bowl. She got so much hate for her body and outfit so I’m so happy that she showed off her body again and looked beautiful! 

Chrissy Teigen- Robert Cavalli 

I really love this gown on Chrissy Teigen. She can pull off almost everything. This is one of the simpler dresses she has worn, surprisingly, but I think it looks great with her shorter hair. Again, another lace sheer design dress but she worked it! 

Halsey- Christian Wijants 

I loved this blue silk suit! I thought she pulled it off so well… I wish I could wear this! It was good to see someone else wearing something other than a dress! It’s a bold and beautiful look. 
There obviously were a million other dresses I absolutely loved but these were the ones that stood out the most for me to me! 

Thank you for reading and let me know what look was your favorite:) 

– Ryley 

Images sources:

– Getty/ John Shearer

– Getty/Frazier Harrison 

-Getty/ Jon Kopaloff 

Faking It?

Growing up I’ve always heard people say, fake it till you make it. This can apply to so many things in life. From relationships and orgasms to genuine happiness, basically a lot of our lives can be spent faking it. 

We fake it, no matter what it is, to make us ignore our true feelings about whatever is going on. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are faking it! 

I remember just the other day I was thinking about school and my future and I said to myself , “just fake it till you make it Ryley”. In some situations faking it can really work and make you feel better about the situation, but does it make you truly happy? 

One thing I feel like a lot of us fake is happiness. Happiness is something everyone should want! Why not be happy? The thing is, circumstances in life can make us ignore the feeling of happiness because there’s simply no room for it. 

As human beings we go through a lot.. sometimes too much. We need to try to remember to do things that make us happy, so we don’t have to fake it. 

In every situation, while being humble, do things that make you happy before anything else. If you want to stay at home rather than go to a party, stay home! Don’t fake that you are having a good time at a party when you would rather be at home with your cat (or dog). 

I feel like this is common sense but some people need a reminder from time to time. 🙂 

-Ryley ❤