What is DACA and What You Can Do to Help

If you are following the news right now you’ll know that DACA is on almost every headline. I had no idea what DACA was and I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know or still don’t know. Here are just a few facts about DACA, why it is important and how you can help. 

DACA stand for “Deferred Action for Child Arrivals”. This program was created by Barack Obama in 2012 and has allowed THOUSANDS of young children who were brought to the Untied States illegally to remain in the country. 

Applicants have to have arrived in the United States before 2007 and can live and work in the US for a period of two years before being renewed. 

Almost 1 million people have applied to join since the start of the program and more than 150,000 people have applied since Trump became president to be protected.

Trumps administration, announced  it will end DACA. They called this program “unconstitutional and criticizing it as unilateral executive amnesty.” 

New applications for the program will not be accepted.
This is where we come in. As young people with voices that are meant to be heard we can help! Here are a few ways we all can help. 

  1. Get Educated!: learn why this program is so important and why we need to fight to protect its existence. 
  2. Get involved: If you live anywhere were protests are happening because of DACA or volunteer to help or even donating. 
  3. Stay up to date: Turn on news notifications on your phone so you know what is happening!
  4. Utilize Social Media: follow activist on twitter or Facebook so you know what organizations will provide the latest information. 

Below are the links I used to inform myself and links that have information about what you can do to help!

  1. http://mashable.com/2017/09/05/daca-undocumented-immigrants-how-to-help/#6OMjMcspumqy
  2. http://www.npr.org/2017/09/05/548754723/5-things-you-should-know-about-daca
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/storyline/immigration-reform/amp/what-daca-here-s-what-you-need-know-about-program-n798761

Fall Fashion Wishlist 2017

I’m back with one of my absolute FAVORITE posts to write… a wishlist! These wishlist are full of many different fashion items I wish I had and hopefully one day soon will get! I’m currently revamping my style and buying clothing items that are a little more mature and put me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!). 

Buckle up kids and get ready for a huge Fall Fasion Wishlist! 
          Pretty Little Thing Check Contrast Skirt

             Asos KENDRA Over the Knee Boot

       Fashion Union Dress in Metallic Jaquard

Asos Jumpsuit With Wrap Front and Tie Back

              Floral Ring Handel Cross Body 

                      Tailored Pencil Skirt

                    Asos Leather Trouser

              Satin Wide Leg Sporty Trousers

                             Roll Neck Jumper

             Shimmery Dress with Thin Straps

                      Oversized Roll Neck Sweater

                          Oversized Cardigan

                        Contrast Striped Pants

                           Floral Mesh Bodysuit

That’s all on my wishlist right now! I will probably have a part two up very soon. If you’re interested in an item just click on the description of the item! 
Thanks for reading 


Coachella Lookbook

To me Coachella is a magical place that I’ve always dreamed of going to! Unfortunately it’s happens across the country from me! I honestly can’t see myself justifying going unless someone sent me for free!

Coachella looks really set the tone for styles that will be popular in the summer. We are introduced to newer styles that we love and we also see some outrageous looks like we hate to admit that we wish we could pull off. Personally it’s a lot of fun to see what my favorite celebrities wear and see how I can incorporate it to my own style!

I put together a few looks that I think would be fun to wear to Coachella (or any festivals or concerts!).  These are outfits that I would wear or wish I could pull off! I tried to put together outfits that are different than the normal festival outfits.  Let me know if you would wear any of these outfits!! Enjoy 🙂

Let’s Dance Top                      Metallic Zipper Skirt

Acid Wash Shorts                     Fishnet Top

    Star Sheer Top                           Yellow Shorts

Fringe Top                                                        Denim Shorts

Tie dyed pants                       Light Pink Bodysuit

Rainbow Halter Top                      Denim Skirt

Pink Denim Skirts                Feminist Ripped Shirt

 Off The Shoulder Top              Mom Jeans

Stripped Shorts                              Girls Bodysuit

Studded Mini Skirt                        Bodysuit

Meshed Bodysuit                   Embroidered Jeans

Lace Up Skirt                             Femme T-shirt

I hope you guys enjoyed my look book! I gave you guys a little taste of my style and what I think would be fun to wear at Coachella! K


Life Update!

Hey friends! I’ve been so busy lately with school that I feel like my blog has been suffering because of it 😦  I haven’t been super active on social media and haven’t had much inspiration or motivation for blog posts. 

Luckily my school semester will be over on the 28th and I’ll have the whole month of May and a bit of June to focus on my blog! I’m planning a lot of new posts from more beauty reviews, advice posts and fashion posts. My goal is to actually have photos of myself in more of my blog posts! I feel like unless you follow me on snapchat you guys really don’t know what I look like or who I really am! 

Towards the end of June I will start work everyday, I work Monday through Friday until the end of august. That part stresses me out a bit because I don’t know how up to blogging I will be! Hopefully in the month of May and most of June I’ll be able to plan out plenty of posts that’ll hopefully last me awhile. Fingers crossed! 

In the next few weeks I’ll be attending a wedding and I plan on having a few pictures taken of me (by my lovely sister) to hopefully include in a post. I got my dress yesterday and I really love it! It’s different for me because it has a pattern on it and I normally go for a plain black dress for events like these! I posted a picture of it on my twitter if you want to check it out 🙂 

My goal is to try to find some inspiration and really focus on my blog! I want it to be a successful as possible and all though the numbers and such are doing well, I feel like my blog could be a million times better. I try not to compare my blog to others but it’s so hard sometimes! I’m finally happy with my layout but I really need to work on my content. 

Let me know what kind of blog post you guys like because it’s hard for me to tell sometimes! I think the ones that do best are wishlists and product reviews or posts like my favorite, Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Be Trends. 

I’ve never been a super creative person! Finding inspiration for blog posts is soooo hard for me! I tend to make it up as I go but I feel like that’s not very professional. I have random bursts of ideas that I save in my drafts but never complete the posts! 

I’m working on time management and what not. It’s something that I feel like everyone is trying to figure out so I don’t feel that bad about being a disorganized mess! 
Anyways that’s just a little tiny update in my life! How have you guys been? Let me know I would love to hear about your amazing lives 🙂


March Music Favorites

The month of march is almost over and one thing I’ve been extra obsessed with this month has been music! There has been a bunch of new songs released that I love as well as older songs I’ve reconnected with! 

Music is so important to me. I can connect with music in every situation I’m ever in and to me, that’s incredible! I personally think I have an okay music taste because I don’t like just one genre. I think it’s safe to say I like music from pretty much every genre! Let me know what your favorite genre of music is 🙂 

Zayn- Still Got Time

This song literally just came out a few days ago but I absolutely love it! Zayn has an amazing voice and he makes equally amazing song. I’m happy that this song featured PARTYNEXTDOOR because it adds something a little special to it. Have you guys heard this song? What do you think of it! I think it’s a great song for the spring/summer time. 

Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like 

Every time this song comes on I have to dance and sing along. It’s such a catchy tune and Bruno Mars always creates songs like this. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ever get tired of this song! I really like when it performs it live on award shows because him and his backup singers/dancers literally put on the best performance! 

DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé & Jay Z- Shining 

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of DJ Khaled. I saw when he opened up for Beyoncé and honestly I was not impressed, he played a few songs and got off the stage. I was happy when I heard this song because it’s so catchy and fun! Beyoncé sounds amazing but my favorite part might be Jay Z’s! Please listen to this if you haven’t yet. 

Danity Kane- Ecstacy 

Who else was a fan of Danity Kane? I’m not sure how popular they were outside of the United States but I definitely was a fan back in the day. This song was my favorite and I’ve fallen back in love with it ever since it played on shuffle on my phone for the first time in forever!  They weren’t the best girl group in the world but they definitely made some good songs that I still love today! 

Maren Morris- Once

I heard her sing this when she performed at the Grammys and let me tell you, she can sing! I really like this song because you can hear so much emotion in her voice. I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics and that’s what makes it so great. Please listen to this song too! I think a lot of you will really love it. 

Christina Aguilera- Whoohoo

This. Song. Is. So. Fun. I’ve loved this song for a few years now and it always makes me want to dance! I listen to this while I walk to class and I have to fight the urge to dance. Christina Aguilera always has fun songs and this is definitely one of them. Check this song out!

Khalid- Therapy 

Khalid’s voice is magical and beautiful. His lyrics are deep and meaningful and I love him! I just recently discovered him and I fell in love. His music is great for just chilling out and I think that a lot more people should listen to him! 

So that’s it for my favorite songs this month! I might try to do this sort of post monthly to tell you guys what kind of music I’m into! Let me know if you like that idea 🙂 
What’s one of your favorite songs this month?

Spring Fashion Wishlist 

It’s finally spring!! This is one of my favorite seasons not just because of the change in weather but for the new clothes! I love shopping for the spring time because of all the pretty colors and floral patterns! I’ve made a wishlist of a ton of things I want from my favorite stores! I hope you enjoy and let me know what’s on your spring wishlist. 


I have to admit, I’m not a dress kind of gal but I want to be! I think I’ve always been insecure about my arms but now that I’m older, I’m more comfortable with my body so I’ll show off my arms without thinking twice! I love these dresses because I don’t have many dresses and any of these would be dresses I could wear to multiple occasions! 

                              Palm Leaf Dress

                             Floral Maxi Dress

                       Floral Ruffle Tea Dress

                 Off-The-Shoulder Stripped Dress

                            Floral Tea Dress

                    Velvet Fit + Flare Romper

                           Belted Maxi Dress

                              Satin Jumpsuit


Who doesn’t love a great top for the spring time? This is the time of year I try to find tops I don’t already have or try out different styles to get out of my comfort zone. I love getting new t-shirts that I can layer with and also wear again in the summer time as well as when it gets colder again. 

                  Ruffled Off The Shoulder Top

                               Bell Sleeve Top

                   Pinstripe Open-Shoulder Top

                              Velvet Lace Cami

                 Cold Shoulder Ruffled Sweater

                       Golden Day Tee Shirt

                         Striped Bell Sleeve Top

                  Guess Logo Long Sleeve Tee

                          Floral Crew Neck Tee


In the spring time I find I suddenly fall back in love with jeans, fun printed pants and skirts! I ditch the leggings for something more fashionable 🙂 

                         Ridley Skinny Jeans

                 Denim High Waisted Mini Skirt

                Pleated Printed Chiffon Midi Skirt
                         Straight Leg Jeans


                          Wide Leg Floral Pant

                            High Rise Jeans


                           Rose Denim Skirt

                   Abstract Print Maxi Skirt

                        Stripped Maxi Skirt


Even though Spring time is supposed to be warmer, there are chilled days so that’s where lighter coats and jackets come in! 

                                Skater Trench

                              Suede Jacket

               Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket

                         Denim Trucker Jacket

                          Belted Trench Coat

                     Raw Hem Denim Jacket

That’s all for my wishlist this spring! Do you guys like any of the items I picked?? Most of the things are from places like Forever 21 and Asos so the majority of them are reasonably priced! 

Thank you so much for reading! 


Fashion Book Collection 

I’ve always loved to read, especially if it’s about topics I am interested in. Books that have anything to do with the fashion industry are always interesting to read and I love collecting them.

Over the past few years I’ve collected a few books that I really like! Some of the books I am currently reading and some I haven’t read yet. The ones I’ll be sharing with you today are the ones I currently have with me at school 🙂 So without further ado here are the books in my collection!

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine 

I’m currently reading this book and so far it’s really good! Her blog is all about fashion items that men don’t necessarily like, hence the name Man Repeller. She is hilarious and actually a huge inspiration to me! I highly suggest this book for anyone who wants to read about a really successful blogger!


– “These essays establish Medine as not just a fashion wunderkind, but a clever and engaging storyteller who’s not afraid to laugh at herself.” — Publisher’s Weekly 

-“Not only do I agree with how Leandra dresses, but I also agree with everything she says in these brilliant stories. She’s a terrific writer.” –Joan Rivers

Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell

I just got this book in the mail so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but  I think it’ll be a really fun book to read! It’s not your typical book about fashion which is what drew me to this one. Books that are so truthful like this and self deprecating seem to always be my favorite! 

“Self-deprecating and funny.” ( New York Times) 

-“Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in publishing, public relations or design, or you’re just fascinated with what really goes on behind-the-scenes without the usual sugarcoating, we’d say this is required reading.” ( Fashionista.com) 

Normal Gets You Nowhere by  Kelly Cutrone

This is the second book Kelly Cutrone wrote and I’m really excited to read this one. I read her first book “If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you” which is one of my favorite books to date! I’ve looked up to her for so many years now! She is a wise and an amazing woman and I really suggest reading her books. 

-“Kelly fans will love it.” (OK! magazine ) 

-“Normal Gets You Nowhere is bursting with her trademark punk-rock spiritual fierce philosophy and indispensable advice for anyone starting out in the world, new grads, dreamers and those who might just need a dose of Kelly to push them forward.” (ashadedviewonfashion.com )

The Teen Vogue Handbook 

This is the second teen vogue handbook I’ve owned. This one in particular is the more updated one and I love it. It really gives an inside view on what goes on during the day of someone who works for teen vogue whether they are a photographer or intern. I highly suggest this for anyone who wants to work for a magazine!


-“A how-to for teenagers who are genuinely interested in fashion and want to know how the business works.”— The New York Times 

-“An indispensible resource for anybody who aspires to work as a fashion editor, designer, stylist, photographer, or anywhere, really, in the fashion industry.” –Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue 

It- Alexa Chung

I love this book because of how personal it is and the photos! I love Alexa Chung and this book made me love her even more! I definitely want to read this again! Has anyone else read this?


-“[A] book on personal style and inspirations…[from] British fashion icony Alexa Chung.”— The Wall Street Journal 

-“[Alexa Chung] traces her journey to her place behind the velvet ropes in the new book It.”—Associated Press 
-“[Alexa Chung] reveals how she puts together her effortless, cool look.”— InStyle 

So that’s it for my favorite fashion books in my collection currently. Again, I have many more but unfortunately I don’t have them here with me at school. Maybe I could do a part 2 to this post? Let me know what you think! 

Thank you so much for reading!