Fashion Book Collection 

I’ve always loved to read, especially if it’s about topics I am interested in. Books that have anything to do with the fashion industry are always interesting to read and I love collecting them.

Over the past few years I’ve collected a few books that I really like! Some of the books I am currently reading and some I haven’t read yet. The ones I’ll be sharing with you today are the ones I currently have with me at school 🙂 So without further ado here are the books in my collection!

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine 

I’m currently reading this book and so far it’s really good! Her blog is all about fashion items that men don’t necessarily like, hence the name Man Repeller. She is hilarious and actually a huge inspiration to me! I highly suggest this book for anyone who wants to read about a really successful blogger!


– “These essays establish Medine as not just a fashion wunderkind, but a clever and engaging storyteller who’s not afraid to laugh at herself.” — Publisher’s Weekly 

-“Not only do I agree with how Leandra dresses, but I also agree with everything she says in these brilliant stories. She’s a terrific writer.” –Joan Rivers

Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell

I just got this book in the mail so I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but  I think it’ll be a really fun book to read! It’s not your typical book about fashion which is what drew me to this one. Books that are so truthful like this and self deprecating seem to always be my favorite! 

“Self-deprecating and funny.” ( New York Times) 

-“Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in publishing, public relations or design, or you’re just fascinated with what really goes on behind-the-scenes without the usual sugarcoating, we’d say this is required reading.” ( 

Normal Gets You Nowhere by  Kelly Cutrone

This is the second book Kelly Cutrone wrote and I’m really excited to read this one. I read her first book “If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you” which is one of my favorite books to date! I’ve looked up to her for so many years now! She is a wise and an amazing woman and I really suggest reading her books. 

-“Kelly fans will love it.” (OK! magazine ) 

-“Normal Gets You Nowhere is bursting with her trademark punk-rock spiritual fierce philosophy and indispensable advice for anyone starting out in the world, new grads, dreamers and those who might just need a dose of Kelly to push them forward.” ( )

The Teen Vogue Handbook 

This is the second teen vogue handbook I’ve owned. This one in particular is the more updated one and I love it. It really gives an inside view on what goes on during the day of someone who works for teen vogue whether they are a photographer or intern. I highly suggest this for anyone who wants to work for a magazine!


-“A how-to for teenagers who are genuinely interested in fashion and want to know how the business works.”— The New York Times 

-“An indispensible resource for anybody who aspires to work as a fashion editor, designer, stylist, photographer, or anywhere, really, in the fashion industry.” –Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue 

It- Alexa Chung

I love this book because of how personal it is and the photos! I love Alexa Chung and this book made me love her even more! I definitely want to read this again! Has anyone else read this?


-“[A] book on personal style and inspirations…[from] British fashion icony Alexa Chung.”— The Wall Street Journal 

-“[Alexa Chung] traces her journey to her place behind the velvet ropes in the new book It.”—Associated Press 
-“[Alexa Chung] reveals how she puts together her effortless, cool look.”— InStyle 

So that’s it for my favorite fashion books in my collection currently. Again, I have many more but unfortunately I don’t have them here with me at school. Maybe I could do a part 2 to this post? Let me know what you think! 

Thank you so much for reading! 



Celebrities Wardrobes I Want to Steal

Celebrities are my favorite to look at for new trends and styles whether it’s from their Instagram or other forms of social media! I love finding inspiration from my favorite celebrities so I thought I would share some of my favorites that I get inspiration from or simply admire 🙂

Vanessa Hudgens 

I’ve loved Vanessa Hudgens since the days of High School Musical. I love her boho style but I also love when she incorporates more chic pieces to her looks! Everything looks amazing on her whether it’s on the red carpet or when she’s just putting up a selfie on Instagram. Even when she’s wearing sweats with her hair up she looks amazing!! My favorite thing she does is include one bolder piece to her outfits whether it’s statement rings or funky shoes and sunglasses. I basically want her whole wardrobe.


Perrie Edwards

I’ve always loved Perrie Edwards style from the start of Little Mix! She doesn’t wear too crazy of outfits so they are easy to replicate if you would like! I find that she likes her denim and she definitely pulls it off! Her red carpet outfits are normally a bit more extravagant and daring but I find that she really makes them work. Again, I love her more casual outfits because I can easily make it my own!


Selena Gomez

I just want to start by saying everything she wears I want to own. She has such a cool style. Some days she’s more girly and others she dressed more casually but she always looks good. I find the majority of her outfits include neutrals and then a bright bold color like red or orange. What interests me about her is that she tends to wear black a lot and I do too. She helps me figure out how to put all black outfits together and still make it look good.



I recently fell in love with Zendayas outfit choices! To me she is the definition of someone who just wants to be comfortable all the time. She definitely rocks hoodies and sweatpants a lot but she always pulls it off and makes it look really fashionable. Even when she is styled for an event she looks amazing! I like that her style is so versatile.


Olivia Culpo 

Olivia’s style is one that again is very different than mine but I honestly admire her fashion decisions so much. She is like a Barbie doll and everything looks amazing on her. I like that she wears pieces that are a little more daring and looks great. Her outfits are normally simple but fashionable. I also want her clothes so I can dress like a real fashion blogger!



I personally don’t really want to dress exactly like Rihanna but I really appreciate her style. She does what she wants and rocks it all the time. I really like her style because she always wears lots of colors and a lot of two piece sets that she really looks great in. I like her sporty style because she always looks comfortable  but fashionable and that is what I really like on anyone. I love her shoe game as well. She always wears shoes that definitely aren’t plain, her shoes make a simple outfit way better and makes the entire look. Who else likes Rihanna’s style?


So these are just some of my favorite celebrity styles! I hope you guys enjoyed, what celebrities style do you like the most?


My Beginners Guide to Blogging 

Blogging is a great creative escape that anyone can do! It’s easy to make a blog and write about things that interest you. The hard part is getting people to read your blog. In my opinion, it feels more rewarding when someone reads my blog and enjoys what I’m writing about.

I only started blogging at the end of September but I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the blogging world. I obviously haven’t learned a lot because I haven’t even been blogging for a year yet! Blogging isn’t always fun and glamorous as it looks and that is something that I think a lot of new bloggers think. It definitely isn’t always easy but your hard work definitely pays off.

Here are some of my tips for beginners or even more experienced bloggers that want some advice:)

Don’t Expect to Get Paid

I think one mistake bloggers make is getting paid for reviewing products right away. That could possibly take years! Yes, some amazing bloggers get paid for reviews after a few months but that’s not very realistic. I haven’t gotten paid yet or anything and I don’t expect to at all! Yes it would be nice and maybe one day it will happen but for now I’m content with doing my own thing. If you want to start blogging just to get paid, I get it but you can’t expect to get paid! There are thousands of bloggers and companies can’t pay everyone.

Be Yourself! 

No one wants to read someone who constantly lies and isn’t true to themselves. It’s so hard to open up to a bunch of strangers who read your blog. Trust me, it took me a while to figure this out but it honestly helps. I started writing posts that I loved and my followers loved too and it really helped my blog. My views went up and I felt so happy with my blog!

Only Write About Things That Interest You

This kind of goes with the previous tip. If you write about things that you are interested in then you’ll love your post even more. People will tell that you are passionate about what you write about and will want to read more content. Don’t write about things that you think everyone else will like, write for yourself and about things you enjoy.

Schedule Tweets! 

I cannot stress getting an app to schedule tweets enough! I have been scheduling tweets using the Buffer app for the past few weeks and it honesty changed my life. With the free plan you can schedule 10 tweets at a time which is nice. I schedule tweets for specific times because a lot of my followers are from different time zones. I normally just schedule tweets for posts twice a day and a few random tweets in between so that you don’t see post after post on my twitter. I obviously tweet outside of the app but I go to school full time so it helps a lot if I forget to be active enough.

Be Active

One tip I always have for new bloggers is to get active on social media. Twitter chats really helped me interact with bloggers from all over the world! I’ve met some amazing bloggers that have given me tons of advice that helped me with my blog. There are blog comment threads that go on almost everyday that help get more views and feedback on your latest blog posts. These comment threads really help and I highly suggest them! I am beginning my own comment threads that will be on Thursdays at 3pm Eastern Standard Time! I am so excited to help fellow bloggers get more views and comments on their blogs to help them gain confidence about their blogs!

Have Fun!

The number one important thing for a new blogger to remember is to have fun. When you take blogging too seriously you won’t have fun and it’ll show in your blog posts. I’ve seen so many new bloggers get stressed out because they are too hard on themselves. Just because you aren’t doing as well as some of the bloggers you follow on social media doesn’t mean you aren’t a good blogger. Everything takes time so you should have fun doing it!

I hope you guys all enjoyed my tips for new bloggers! Again, I still consider myself a new blogger and I use these tips everyday and they seem to help me! Don’t give up new bloggers! You can do it 🙂


5 Easy Ways to Build Your Wardrobe 

Building your wardrobe can be difficult. For me, I tend to buy a lot of things I can’t wear year round or that I’m not really sure I like. The past few months I think I’ve gotten better at building my wardrobe by buying specific things I know I like and know it can be versatile. Here are 5 types on how to build your wardrobe!

Focus on basics                                          

Clothing items such as a simple black or white t-shirt, a few sweaters and cardigans and a good pair of jeans and leggings can help create amazing outfits all year round. Basics are great and most of the time reasonably priced. I think basic items are essential in a wardrobe! A little can go a long way with basic clothing items and really can help build a great wardrobe. 

Invest in staple pieces 

Staple pieces in my opinion include a nice leather jacket, a denim jacket and even nice jeans. It doesn’t matter what you pay for these items but don’t feel bad if you spend a little more on something that you know you’ll use a lot!  Adding a leather jacket with your white t-shirt and your favorite jeans can make your look 100 times more like you tried to look fashionable but you haven’t done much. Whatever you decide to get, I can guarantee that you will keep these items in your wardrobe for many many years. 

Don’t forget to accessorize 

Accessories can completely change your outfit! A nice statement necklace or bracelet and even ring can change your outfit from casual to more dressed up and glamorous. Adding a handbag to your outfit has the ability to complete your look. These accessories don’t need to be expensive at all! In my opinion the cheaper the better, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a necklace just because your fashion icon did. Accessories are great for building a wardrobe because you can keep the same accessories for years and they won’t go out of style! 

Clear out your wardrobe!

To be able to build your wardrobe I feel like the first step is to get rid of things you do not wear. Sell or give away the items you haven’t touched in a long time (8 months to a year or more!). Someone else could really use those items in your wardrobe that you haven’t shown interest in! If you own an item that still has a price tag on it that you either forgot you had or you’ve had for more than a year get rid of it because you probably won’t wear it anyways! If you rediscover something in your wardrobe while cleaning it out try it on again and see if you’ll be able to incorporate it into an outfit. If you sell your clothes you can use the money you get from it and use it to buy new things for your wardrobe 🙂 

Try things on before you buy them! 

Obviously buying a lot of clothes will build your wardrobe but it won’t do you any good if you end up not liking what you have. For years my biggest issue was not trying things on in stores before I buy them. I would come home and things would be too small or too big or it just wouldn’t work on me. I know I’m not the only one that has done this! Try things on and see if you can picture yourself wearing the item, if you can’t, don’t buy it! 

Those are my 5 Tips to building a wardrobe! I’ve used these methods and I think it’s really helping and I’m finally able to look at my wardrobe and be happy with what I have! I hope these tips work for you and help you out 🙂 


Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Be Trends 

Everyone has their opinion on fashion trends. For me, there’s a ton that I really don’t like and think we should just get rid of it once and for all . If you wear these trends that I’m not a fan of, I don’t hate you! Wear what you want and I really want you to feel happy and confident with what you wear! These are just my opinions on trends that I wish never existed.

Wedge Sneakers are something that I can see how someone would really like these. It’s like a high heeled shoe without a high heel… or even like wedge sandals but in sneaker form. No matter the reason people choose to wear these sneaks, I still don’t like them and I never have! They look a little weird to me and I’m not a fan!

         Corsets I wasn’t sure for a long time how I felt about this trend. I don’t really love this trend. SOMETIMES it looks okay but the majority of the people who wear this trend look like they are trying to hard to look like models at the last fashion show they went to or saw online. The Kardashian/Jenner family seem to be and honestly they look good in almost everything but I’m just not sure about this.

      Over Priced Merch I get it, merch is cool and I always buy merch when I go to concerts! I love tour t-shirts, who doesn’t? When merch is more than 80 dollars I get a little confused. Isn’t the reason for merch to be affordable for all your fans? Sorry Justin Bieber I can’t spend 120 dollars on one hoodie! I don’t even spend that much at the grocery store a week. If his hoodies were half the price I definitely would buy a few because I love hoodies! Before you spend an arm and a leg for merch look at Etsy! Do you guys own any expensive merch?

  Oversized Chokers Choker necklaces are such a big trend. I really like them but not when they are so big that they look like a neck brace. They aren’t cute in my opinion and sometimes they look a little ridiculous when they are so big. Again, on occasion they can look so nice even if they are larger but most of the time I don’t like them.

Clear Boots I’ve never liked these style of boots. Walking around in clear plastic boots on a hot day doesn’t sound fashionable or glamorous! Do your feet not sweat?? I don’t think this is a great look but I understand why people wear them, they want to make a fashion statement. This is one fashion statement I will never make.

Emoji Clothing has never been my favorite. It looks a little childish to me but hey, if you wear it flaunt it honey. I’ve never been a fan of emoji clothing because I think it should just stay on our phones haha. I occasionally see something with an emoji on it and it isn’t the worst but it never screams “buy me”. Do you wear clothing with emojis on it? 

 So that’s all for the fashion trends I’m not the biggest fan of. Again, no hate towards you if you wear some or all of these trends! Let me know if we have similar views or not 🙂

 Beauty Wishlist 

Being a 20 year old obsessed with makeup, normally makeup I can’t afford, I tend to have a lot on my wishlist! A lot of the things on my wishlist are conveniently on Sephora! In not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing haha. Hope you enjoy my wishlist! Let me know what’s on yours 🙂 
Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette 

This is a reasonable priced palette and that’s why I want to try it! Sephora Collection products are a hit and miss with me but I always enjoy trying them out!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette 

I feel like I’m the only makeup lover that hasn’t tried this! I really love all the colors in this palette and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! Do you own this palette??

Olehenriksen Truth Serum 

I’ve seen a ton of my favorite YouTubers talk about this serum and I seriously want to try it out! I have been obsessed with skin care products the past few months so I definitely want to try this out. 

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick 

During the past few months I’ve heard a ton about Huda Beauty! I really want to try this matte lipstick because I think the color is really pretty, this one is in the color Venus. 

Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer 

I’ve heard a ton about this bronzer! I am always scared to try it because I find it hard to find a bronzer that will be good for my skin tone. I’m not super tan and I’m not super light either! I think I’ll try this one because I’ve heard such amazing reviews. Do you guys like this bronzer? 

NARS The Multiple in Hot Sand 

I’ve never tried any products that are cream to powder like this one is. I would use it as a highlight because I’m obsessed with them right now but these can be used for things like sculpting too! 

GLAMGLOW flashmud Brightening Treatment 

I feel like everyone except for me has tried a glam glow product. I really want to buy this specific mask because I love the look of a bright and refreshed face! If you have this mask, what do you think? Every time I go on Sephora it’s sold out so I think it’s a good one! 
That’s it for my beauty wishlist! Let me know some products I should try out, I love learning about new products:) 

February Favorites!

February is over! How did it go by so fast?? Throughout this month I noticed I was obsessed with a lot of things, from tv shows to beauty products, that I thought would be fun to share with you guys! 

The tv show Girls was one I’ve always heard about but I never watched it. A few weeks ago I watched season 1 and fell in love! It’s so funny in my opinion and completely relatable. I really suggest watching this show if it’s available to you! 

I’ve been loving my First Aid Beauty products! The Blemish Patrol Pads are AMAZING! They really help get rid of my breakouts and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of breakouts fast. I have a post talking more about this product if you want to check it out! 

This next item is also a beauty product that I’ve already done a post on but I really do love it! It’s the Carli Bybel Palette and I’m obsessed with the heightlighters that are in the palette. I never used highlighters until I got that palette so I have that palette to thank for my newest obsession! 

I love reading as some of you may know from previous posts so I feel like I have to include a favorite book of mine this month! Leandra Medine is one of my inspirations and she wrote a book about her blog Man Repeller and her life! I haven’t read much of this but I can already tell the book is sooooo interesting! I really suggest this! 

It’s time to talk about another tv show! I’ve been obsessed with Sex and The City! I’m on season 3 now and I’m obsessed. It’s definitely for older viewers but I think it’s hilarious! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! Let me know what some of your favorite things in the month of February are 🙂